Change is Necessary in Social Media

There is an old adage that goes “change or die” and in today’s technology marketplace that is definitely the motto that drives much of the business practices in companies, ours included.


Social Media Networks Change Constantly, Rapidly


They have to keep up with changes with competitors, changing laws, marketplace demands and innovating technology.  It’s a good thing for you and your business although at first it can seem overwhelming to the uninitiated.  At Social Report, our social analytics tools, monitoring capabilities and discovery agents are constantly being updated and kept in sync with changes in the marketplace and to the networks we monitor.  We have had a rash of changes recently and thought we would take a break from discussing strategy and show off a bit of what’s been going on around here recently.
New Design!

Our website and our tool underwent a major design overhaul both for look and feel and for usability.  We love the way it looks and from your feedback so do you!  We are always open to hear more feedback so keep it coming!

One of the ways we re-engineered the tool was to rework the dashboard and here are some key changes:


Project Oriented Layout

Organizing your social and web properties is key. Whether you are doing it for your business or for your clients and customers, being able to manage them in logical groupings (projects) helps with reporting, clean separation of reporting data and with aforementioned ability to manage team access.

There is no limit to how many projects you can setup.


Team Access


Manage team and customer access to your projects. Setup authorized users who will be able to access the projects. Control their level of access (i.e. reports only, or campaign publishing, etc). You can finally stop sharing a single login, get others to help out with your day-to-day operation and perhaps even take a vacation!


White Label Management


White label and re-branding is now fully automated. Upload your logo, setup your domain, and customize links. This is available to all Agency and Ultimate subscribers.


Affiliate and Reseller Portal


There several great features offered in our reseller program like ability to sell our standard packages as well as ability to create your own subscription plans. Our latest version offers you full control over this as well as provides thorough reporting that enables you to track your reselling performance and earnings.


Exporting Data

If you are using SocialReport already you know we have some great reporting options. It is possible, however, that sometimes you may have a need to present a data in a special way. Instead of trying to build a complex web based utility that would enable you to do that, we’ve take a much simpler route. You can now download your data and build your reports utilizing the tool that does it best – Microsoft Excel!


Again our users have made all this possible.  We love to hear from you and we appreciate your support.  Onward and upward, my friends.