Streamlining Your Social Media Marketing Tasks With One Tool

Tools can make your life simpler when it comes to different areas of your online marketing strategy. This can be especially true when it comes to social media.

Of course, even tools can cause a problem.

If you get too carried away, you could find yourself having to access a dozen different tools throughout the day to publish status updates, track clicks & conversions on those updates, keep track of social activity, search your contacts, monitor your reputation, and analyze your audience growth and engagement data.

Fortunately, there is a solution!

An all-in-one tool can help you do all of these things all in one place. In this post, we’re going to look at how you can cut your number of social media tools down significantly by using the following features in Social Report!

Publish Status Updates

Publishing regular status updates on your social media accounts will help you build engagement along with an audience that is interested in what your business has to say. It also gives you a great way to promote your content to larger audiences.

Social Report offers three options for publishing updates to your social media accounts: single scheduled publications, RSS syndication, and bulk update scheduling. This gives you the choice of publishing an update at a time, automatically publishing links from specific RSS feeds (such as your blog), and creating a set of updates to schedule at once to be delivered to your social networks at specific times.

Best of all, once you start sending updates through Social Report, you will be able to…

Track Clicks & Conversions

As soon as your status update goes live, you will be able to collect click and conversion data through Social Report. Click data is automatically measured – conversion data can be measured once you add a specific piece of tracking code to your website.

Instead of just wondering how your social media updates are performing, now you can have a definitive answer that includes actual ROI data.

Keep Track of Social Activity

Posting updates on social media is only half the battle. You also need to keep track of any activity on your accounts – Twitter mentions, Facebook wall posts, LinkedIn group activity, and much more.

Social Report will send you a daily email showing the latest activity (comments, likes, shares, posts, etc.) from your social media networks, groups, and any other account you want to monitor.

You can even go beyond including just social media data to having data from Google Analytics, your email marketing software, review sites, ecommerce shops, and more in your daily report emails. This will allow you to see everything that’s important to your business at your convenience.

Search Your Social Contacts

Earlier this week, you chatted with Marvin on social media about your business’s products and services. Today, you can’t remember if that was on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn. And you can’t remember what Marvin’s last name was. But you want to follow up with him to see if he’s ready to connect again. What do you do?

The Address Book feature inside Social Report lets you search your connections across each social network. This can help you find that contact you just started talking to, learn more about them, and get back in touch.

In addition to searching your contacts and getting a quick glance at their details, you can also export their information to a CSV file for further sorting and future reference.

Monitor Your Reputation

One of the most useful benefits of social media for businesses is the opportunity to see what people have to say about them to their contacts since many social media posts are made publicly. But it can be a time consuming process to go from social network to social network and run a search with your business name on a daily basis.

The Search Agents feature allows you to create saved searches of your business name, your name, unique product names, and other specific keywords. You can then see each mention of your searches across 80+ social networks.

You can quickly get to any of these updates by clicking on them so you can submit responses or thank you’s as applicable. You also get a handy graph that measures the number of mentions you receive per day across all of the networks searched…

…along with a listing of the people and sources that mention you most.

Analyze Audience Growth & Engagement Data

Last, but not least, every business owner wants to know how his or her activity on social media is leading to an increase in audience growth. Dashboards within Social Report will give you the details, demographics, graphs, trends, and more on every important insight for each of your social accounts.

Try It for Free

If all of this sounds good, then you have nothing to lose. Sign up for a free trial of Social Report today and start managing your social media all in one comprehensive too!

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