Social Media Publishing using RSS Feeds

Social Report offers variety of publishing options. One of them is ability to take an RSS Feed and connect to your project so that whenever there is a new article on the feed – it will automatically be published to specified social media profiles.

Here are some examples scenarios

  • You may have a blog that already produced content on a scheduled basis and you simply want those posts to be automatically distributed to your social profiles.
  • You might want to post content related to a particular topic and there is news site or a blog that you want to get that content from.
  • You have your own post creating, review and approval process and prefer to use that instead of having users manually repost articles.

Key features

  • Supports all valid RSS feed formats.
  • Publishing to all social networks that Social Report currently supports publishing for
  • Control schedule and number of posts on a daily basis. Pick time slots and decide when content should be published.
  • Subject content produced from RSS feed to review prior to publishing
  • Customize produced content by specifying ‘pre’ and ‘post’ text
  • Pick post targeting like country, language, and geocoding.
  • Track clicks and conversions just like you would for any publications within Social Report

We’ve put together this video to show you exactly how it works:




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