Exporting Social Data

If you are using SocialReport already you know we have some good looking reporting options. It is possible, however, that sometimes you may have a need to present a data in a special way. Instead of trying to build a complex web based utility that would enable you to do that, we’ve take a much simpler route. You can now download your data and build your reports utilizing the tool that does it best – Microsoft Excel!


1. Social profile data – all raw and analyzed data from your social network accounts.

2. Publication and scheduling data

3. Keyword Agents data – all keyword agent search result

Geo enabled social media monitoring

Tracking keyword, hashtags and mentions is an important part of social media management. With Social Report you can track activity across networks, discover trends and identify opportunities.

We have now added ability to both restrict your results to certain geographical locations as well as get detailed reporting on where keywords that interest you are used around the world.

We’ve put together this short video that demonstrates how it works. You can also download this sample report.

Social Media Publishing using RSS Feeds

Social Report offers variety of publishing options. One of them is ability to take an RSS Feed and connect to your project so that whenever there is a new article on the feed – it will automatically be published to specified social media profiles.

Here are some examples scenarios

  • You may have a blog that already produced content on a scheduled basis and you simply want those posts to be automatically distributed to your social profiles.
  • You might want to post content related to a particular topic and there is news site or a blog that you want to get that content from.
  • You have your own post creating, review and approval process and prefer to use that instead of having users manually repost articles.

Key features

  • Supports all valid RSS feed formats.
  • Publishing to all social networks that Social Report currently supports publishing for
  • Control schedule and number of posts on a daily basis. Pick time slots and decide when content should be published.
  • Subject content produced from RSS feed to review prior to publishing
  • Customize produced content by specifying ‘pre’ and ‘post’ text
  • Pick post targeting like country, language, and geocoding.
  • Track clicks and conversions just like you would for any publications within Social Report

We’ve put together this video to show you exactly how it works:




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Posting to Google+ Personal Profiles

Posting to Google+ personal profiles is now possible using Social Report. Just like you can post to Google+ Pages using Social Report today, you can now post to personal profiles as well. It works exactly the same way as posting to pages – so you can simply select it when you schedule posts.

**Note** to those users who have personal profiles already connected: please re-connect your personal profiles by clicking on “**Connect Profiles**”

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Evergreen content – never run out of things to post!

This is probably the most exciting feature addition that we have ever done just because of how simple it will be to use and how much positive impact it will have on our users’ publishing.

One of the key challenges in publishing content to social media is that it requires constant replenishment of posts to keep your profiles updated.

Effectively there are 2 biggest challenges:

#1 Most posts have much bigger potential then a one time publication. A post published at 9am is missing out of users who only check their social media in the evening. How can you smartly repeat posts?

#2 The day you don’t schedule posts is the day your audience forgets who you are. How does on keep their profiles always updated?

You can now solve both of these using Social Report. You can simply designate specific posts or entire content groups (categories) as ‘evergreen’. Our publisher will then automatically schedule theses posts based on your posting schedule.

How does it work?

1) Create a posting schedule for your project.

2) Mark as many posts evergreen as possible. To mark a post (or an entire content group) as evergreen – simply locate it in your calendar.

3) Now the system will regularly check your posting schedule and anytime there is less then 2 hours before an upcoming posting time and nothing was otherwise scheduled – the system will automatically grab the next available evergreen and schedule it.

We’ve put together this video that shows how to setup and manage your evergreen content

This additional video goes into further detail on how to manage your evergreen content and also how to use built in evergreen recommendation engine

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Instagram Publishing

Compose posts in your Social report dashboard to share to Instagram. Sharing to Instagram differs slightly from posting to your other social networks, because posts need to be published via the Social Report and Instagram apps on a mobile device. When you send or schedule to your Instagram profile from Social Report, a notification is sent to your mobile app from which you can easily publish the post via Instagram. Make sure you have the Instagram app and the latest version of the Social Report installed on your mobile device

Posts that contain an image can be sent or scheduled to Instagram and other social networks at the same time.

To set up publishing to Instagram on your mobile device

  • Open your Social Report app on your IPhone (note that Android is not yet available – soon….). If you don’t have it – you can find it in the app store
  • Login (if you are already logged in – please log out first)
  • Now you can go back to Social Report and check under My Account – you should see your device connected.
  • You can now begin scheduling to your Instagram profile. When you do – you will be offered to select any of the devices available in this project.

We’ve put together this short video that goes over the process in more detail.

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Your competitors are feeding off your ecosystem.

Twitter Lists is not as well known or used by some folks as some other twitter features but it is an important function. It allows Twitters users to create custom groups of Twitter accounts. It is indented as publically available groups: “My favorite friends”, “Best Sports News Sources”, etc. It is something that can tell my friends about other Twitter users. In reality it is mostly used as a heavy promotional tool, with its core ability to feed off other user’s ecosystem. Let’s say you have a competitor. You have a twitter account with 10,000 followers. You are doing really well. Lots of engagement: mentions, RTs – things are going great. Your competitor on the other hand is not that known, yet he does understand that the 10,000 followers that you have is his prime target. These are the folks that have shown interest in what you do and thus will be extremely interested in what he does. Hmm, what can he do to attract this crowd effectively? He can try to follow each one of the folks that you follow. Might help some – but doubtful to have massive impact. It is quite direct too and may not result in much attention. There is something very sneaky that he can do however! He can create a Twitter List and add you to it. Seems innocent enough, but now he is tapping into your ecosystem, you and him now belong to the same group of “Best Companies in Business” or whatever name he decides to give to this list. The two names will now be mentioned in the same sentence. It will come up in the searches, etc, etc.

Dealing with this tactic is easy but does require timely reaction. You can simply block that user. That removes you from that list and removes any notion that the two entities are somehow related to one another.

This is one of the features we offer at Social Report. You can monitor your twitter lists all the time. We also send you a daily email with a list of new groups via email.