Add a call-to-action to every link you share

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Attach a call-to-action to every link you share by overlaying your own custom message onto any piece of content, creating an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action with every link you share

Keeping your social media profiles updated, fresh and engaging is no easy task. You are probably constantly thinking and looking for content ideas that would be interesting to your users. Does it bother you that once you do share this content and user interacts with it – clicks on the link to read that article – you loose the user? The user is gone off reading an article on another site. So much effort has been put into finding content that interests you users but once you post it – you loose that user to read and learn more about the topic from the author of the content you shared.

Seems like a waste….

Well, we have some good news – we have introduced a new feature that will enable you to continue to be a presence even after your users clicks on the link and leaves your social profile.



Link Frames

The idea of the link frame is simple. It is a frame with a fixed header and shared link content displaying right under it. Take a look at this tweet:

Now, click on the link inside of this tweet. You will be taken to the article but notice the header. It is completely custom! We shared this article with our followers, our followers clicked on the link but we continue to be a presence – our followers are still aware of our brand and are still able to click on our action button.

Pretty cool, heh?

We’ve put together this video which will show you exactly how to get this setup.




Evergreen content – never run out of things to post!

This is probably the most exciting feature addition that we have ever done just because of how simple it will be to use and how much positive impact it will have on our users’ publishing.

One of the key challenges in publishing content to social media is that it requires constant replenishment of posts to keep your profiles updated.

Effectively there are 2 biggest challenges:

#1 Most posts have much bigger potential then a one time publication. A post published at 9am is missing out of users who only check their social media in the evening. How can you smartly repeat posts?

#2 The day you don’t schedule posts is the day your audience forgets who you are. How does on keep their profiles always updated?

You can now solve both of these using Social Report. You can simply designate specific posts or entire content groups (categories) as ‘evergreen’. Our publisher will then automatically schedule theses posts based on your posting schedule.

How does it work?

1) Create a posting schedule for your project.

2) Mark as many posts evergreen as possible. To mark a post (or an entire content group) as evergreen – simply locate it in your calendar.

3) Now the system will regularly check your posting schedule and anytime there is less then 2 hours before an upcoming posting time and nothing was otherwise scheduled – the system will automatically grab the next available evergreen and schedule it.

We’ve put together this video that shows how to setup and manage your evergreen content

This additional video goes into further detail on how to manage your evergreen content and also how to use built in evergreen recommendation engine

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Instagram Publishing

Compose posts in your Social report dashboard to share to Instagram. Sharing to Instagram differs slightly from posting to your other social networks, because posts need to be published via the Social Report and Instagram apps on a mobile device. When you send or schedule to your Instagram profile from Social Report, a notification is sent to your mobile app from which you can easily publish the post via Instagram. Make sure you have the Instagram app and the latest version of the Social Report installed on your mobile device

Posts that contain an image can be sent or scheduled to Instagram and other social networks at the same time.

To set up publishing to Instagram on your mobile device

  • Open your Social Report app on your IPhone (note that Android is not yet available – soon….). If you don’t have it – you can find it in the app store
  • Login (if you are already logged in – please log out first)
  • Now you can go back to Social Report and check under My Account – you should see your device connected.
  • You can now begin scheduling to your Instagram profile. When you do – you will be offered to select any of the devices available in this project.

We’ve put together this short video that goes over the process in more detail.

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Bulk Scheduling using Google Sheets

It has been possible for quite some time to bulk upload your content using a standard spread sheet. We have now added ability to also upload bulk content using a Google Sheet. Using Google Sheets for bulk scheduling offers several key benefits:

  1. You can share and collaborate on your bulk upload within your team before using it to schedule.
  2. You can have a centralized repository for all of your spreadsheets.
  3. Google sheets also alleviate lots of issues related to encoding of special symbols and non-english alphabets. Microsoft Excel does not excel in this area.

We have prepared this quick video that shows how this works

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