Where Google Analytics ends, Social Report is just beginning...

What is Social Report?

Social Report is an all-in-one social media management and reporting solution that allows you to track and manage your social network accounts just the same way you would track the performance of your websites. The best comparison would be to Google Website Analytics. Just like you can track visitors, time on site, keywords, geography and many other aspects of web performance there with Social Report you can track membership, demographics, interests, geography, education, employment and many other aspects of your social space.

Social Report offers full suite of social media management features that include reporting, monitoring, engaging your audience, keyword searching, publishing, tracking clicks and conversions, managing teams, custom branding your reports and many others.

How does Social Report help me?

Social Report helps you gain in-depth understanding of how your social profiles perform and gives you tools to build the social media presence you or your customers are looking for.

Social Report offers powerful insights into your social profiles: membership trends, activity and engagement, thoughts and feelings of your members, their interests, their geographical distribution, education levels, gender, employment, and countless other metrics. With this information, you can improve your return on investment by increasing relevant aspects of your social presence, and make money.

Social Report's publishing tools allow you to publish like a pro to all major social networks. Detailed publication engagement reports will tell you how your publications perform and how well they impact your business objectives. These reports will help you fine tune your social media strategy.

Social Report's searching capabilities will enable you to quickly identify relevant content and get alerts of important conversations within your networks.

Why should I use Social Report? Who is it for?

Social report provides powerful tracking and tools for anyone with a social presence, whether it be a small hobby social network or a giant social enterprise. It's the only social analytics solutions on the market. In addition, our marketing and reporting tools offer you means to utilize your social data for marketing and research purposes.

How does Social Report work?

Social Report is a social network application. Once you authorize Social Report to access your social accounts and tell us the keywords you are interested in we are able to track and capture your information on a regular basis, subject it to rigorous analysis and offer it to you in a form of visual tools and reports.

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